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Got events? Think Link!

If you’re planning an event, the following are some helpful tips for how to get the word out.

Link is the best way to publicize events to all UCOP colleagues. Every Tuesday morning, an email is sent to all OP staff highlighting important news and upcoming events. So if you want people to know about your event, get it in Link. And the same friendly staff that creates Link also posts event fliers and updates the Link calendar, so it’s one-stop shopping when you need to promote something!

Here’s how it works:

What events qualify?
Any event that is sponsored by OP leadership, an OP department or a staff affinity group can be promoted via Link, fliers and the calendar.

Maximizing your chances for PR success
Two words: Plan ahead! You want to give people advance notice of your event so interested colleagues can make room for it in their schedules and there’s enough time to create an enticing Link story, produce and post fliers, and get your event on the Link calendar.

For a smooth and successful promotion, follow these steps:

  • When scheduling your event, first check the Link calendar to avoid competing with other activities that are already planned.
  • Once your date and time are set, contact Link to get the event on the Link calendar so staff can see it (including people picking dates for other events).
  • If you want to create a promotional flier, ask Link for the easy-to-use template, then return the completed flier for posting. (Reminder: There are specific OP guidelines for where and how fliers may be posted.)
  • If you would like a promotional article about your event in Link, it should appear one to two weeks before the event date, which means you need to request the article and get all the relevant information to Link staff two to three weeks ahead.

NOTE: As space permits, we will publicize events in Link up to two times, so you can ask for an initial and a final date for us to run a promotional article. All article requests are subject to editorial approval.

Event details
Here’s the basic information you’ll need to provide for a Link story, flier and calendar listing:

  • Name/title of event
  • Brief description of what it is
  • Date and time
  • Location
  • Sponsoring staff group/department and a designated contact person

The following additional information should also be provided if it is applicable to the event:

  • Speaker’s name and brief bio
  • Photo of speaker or other promotional image
  • Who is invited if not all OP staff (e.g., supervisors/managers only)
  • How to register/enroll/sign up
  • Cost
  • Dial-in or web access
  • Expanded information that may interest staff, such as topics to be discussed, scheduled activities, reason event is being held, etc.

Who to contact
For questions about all Link calendar items, articles and event fliers, you can reach us at


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