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10-Second Bio: Roman Starno, master of guitars and berry bars


Name: Roman Starno

Title: Chief Building/Security Manager

Department/Unit: Building and Administrative Service Center (BASC)

Location: Franklin

When I Started Working At UCOP: April 2009

What I Do For OP In Five Words Or Less: Building maintenance/security & some construction

The Best Part About Working For OP: So many people yet we are a family!!! And just like any family, we have some problems but we are able to overcome those problems together.

Something You Don’t Know About Me: Although I am a classical pianist from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, I recorded a country music CD in my younger years which can still be downloaded at: And I invented “The Roman Bar,” a chocolate covered vegan berry bar:

One Weird Fact About The Town I Grew Up In: I grew up in San Francisco. Nothing really weird about SF but whenever I go anywhere, I just crave that FOG that you get in the city when I get back.

If I Could Have Any Job In The World (Besides The One I Have Now), I Would Be: Performing musician and a pastry chef


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  1. Darryl R. Brown July 11, 2017 Reply

    Cool stuff Boss!

  2. Maura July 11, 2017 Reply

    Those bars sure look yummy!

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