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10 Second Bio: Jennifer Mushinskie of UCPath Center

Mushinskie does internal and external communications for the UCPath Center and dreams of being a travel writer.

10-Second Bio: Ina Potter of the Office of the General Counsel

Set to retire from UC on July 1, Ina previously served in the Peace Corps in Cameroon and dreams of being a concert pianist.

10-second bio: Veronica Cummings of the Business Resource Center

A senior event planner in the Business Resource Center, Cummings started her UC career at UCDC but secretly yearns to host "Parts Unknown."

10-second bio: Meet Amy Vrizuela of the Business Resource Center

A Bay Area native who once lived on a houseboat, Amy Vrizuela divulges some Alameda trivia.

10-second bio: Meet Robert Koster of Tech Support

A transplant from the East Coast, Koster embraces life in Oakland — except when it comes to baseball.

10-second bio: Meet Jenny Oh Hatfield

Jenny Oh Hatfield, social media manager for the Global Food Initiative, is pedaling toward Paris.

10-second bio: Meet Amar Johl of the Business Resource Center

Amar Johl on the joys of working in BRC, from bright colleagues to plentiful candy.

10-second bio: Garen Corbett on health policy and volunteerism

Garen Corbett talks health policy, volunteerism and the lure of teaching.