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Check your Flexible Spending Account balance

Remember to review your account information to make sure you are using all the funds in your account.

What the battle over scooters gets wrong

Scooters are popping up across American cities, to the delight of riders and the consternation of pedestrians. But are scooters really the problem, or is something deeper going on? Find out in the latest UC/Vox

10 healthy snacks with a UC connection

Tackling your afternoon hunger with healthy snacks will help get you through the day and prevent overeating at meals — and many good snack options have a UC connection. For more than a century, UC

UC campuses rise to the top in new US News & World Report rankings

Five UCs are among the top 10 public universities for undergraduate education in the country.

IT tip: How do I share my screen in a Zoom meeting?

Find out how to do one of the most frequently asked about tasks in Zoom.

New to UCPath — Set your preferred name for your dashboard

Find out how to have UCPath display your preferred name.