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BRC Blast: Deadlines for year-end invoices

Be sure to allow enough time for BRC to process invoices that your vendors want paid by end of this year.

THURSDAY: Be a holiday life saver and donate blood

Someone in need will be very thankful that you donated.

UCOP celebrates Multicultural Day while helping out North Bay fire victims

  Designed to celebrate the diversity of our staff, UCOP’s inaugural Multicultural Day ended up showcasing their generosity and compassion, too. After the devastating North Bay fires occurred, the focus of the event shifted to

UCOP’s Office of the General Counsel makes 140 hats for premature babies

  It’s hard to arrive in this world early. You’re incredibly small, you need all the help you can get, and keeping warm can be a real problem. Fortunately, UCOP’s Office of the General Counsel

Thanks for giving: Donate blood and save a life

Someone will be thankful that you donated so that they can enjoy the holidays, too.