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President Napolitano urges congressional support for university priorities

President Napolitano is asking California’s congressional delegation to support strong and sustained funding of federal student aid programs, full funding for basic and applied research and investment in multi-agency research initiatives.

March 10 presentation: What’s it like to work at UCOP?

Join your colleagues to learn how we will be using the results of the UCOP Climate Survey to understand and improve how we work with each other.

New employee benefits orientation now offered in webinar format

Benefits orientation is now offered separately from general New Employee Orientation, in a convenient and frequent webinar format.

How to manage your voicemail and email messages

Please read this important review of message management policies, as UCOP's new voice system has changed how voicemail needs to be handled.

Check out the new Link calendar (and change your bookmark for it)

Be sure to update your bookmark for the UCOP event calendar, which is now fully integrated into Link.