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How UC research sounded the alarm on the ozone layer

In honor of Earth Day, here's a look back on how UC researchers stopped an environmental disaster before it was too late.

Five UC presidents share stories about the university’s bold rise over the last 150 years

Before the electric light bulb changed the world, another illuminating idea took shape: The University of California. Founded in 1868, UC has continued to shine brightly for 150 years, driving positive change across California

UC and CCC sign agreement to boost transfers, increase academic preparation

Under the MOU, students who complete one of the UC pathways and achieve the requisite GPA will be guaranteed a place within the UC system.

Video: How UC innovation boosts the economy

Investing in UC is an investment in California’s future.

How California became a food and wine lover’s dream

If you’ve ever taken a drive through California’s picturesque vineyards and pastoral farms, you know it’s impossible to imagine the Golden State without them. But California wouldn’t have become a dream destination for foodies