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Do your politics make you happy?

U.S. election fever is running hotter than ever, and the presidential candidates are busy making big promises, hoping to convince voters that their approach is best. Each side is selling a vision of a happier,

Thrills, tears and jubilation mark Match Day for UC med students

On March 18, 693 UC graduating medical students were among thousands of medical students across the country who learned where they were matched to residency positions.

UC report strongly disputes assertions in state audit, demonstrates how it puts California students first

UC released a comprehensive, data-driven report that counters false and misleading assertions about UC contained in a recent report from the state auditor’s office.

Big data is helping UC students graduate on time

Already impressive, UC graduation rates are growing, and student data is helping.

Will UC research lead to the yummiest avocado ever?

Led by subtropical horticulturalist Mary Lu Arpaia, UC Riverside’s avocado breeding program has released four varieties, including GEM, which boasts the same excellent characteristics as the coveted Hass, while reducing harvesting and maintenance costs