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Fig. 1: The Dr. Seuss stories you’ve never heard

UC San Diego's Special Collections holds over 8500 works done by Dr. Seuss. Lynda Claassen walks us through some of the interesting unpublished works of this collection.

Comments invited on revision to UC compensation policy

UC is proposing revisions to Staff Policy 30, Compensation, which applies to staff in the professional and support staff and manager and senior professionals groups.

UC educational expenses lower today than 20 years ago, report finds

The cost to provide a University of California education is lower today than it was two decades ago, a result of educational efficiencies made by UC in response to reduced state funding.

Solar panels at UC Merced

UC announces progress on sustainable investment strategy

The university has taken significant steps to combat global climate change by investing in sustainability. The measures are part of UC’s efforts to fully implement an environmental, social and governance investment strategy.

How much sugar are you really eating?

In the near future, the Nutrition Facts label on the back of packaged foods will have a new look and more information. In this new Fig. 1 video, UC Davis’s Kimber Stanhope explains how this will reveal the amount of sugar that is added to our foods.

Get moving to a healthier you

Let UC Living Well help you reach your wellness goals with activities and resources.

UC awards $23 million to multicampus research collaborations

The Multicampus Research Programs and Initiatives program will award more than $23 million to a diverse array of projects, from developing an implantable device that could correct memory impairment to an effort to help California better manage its water resources.