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Marc Rizzo

10-second bio: Meet Marc Rizzo, who’ll take cats over gambling any day

Marc Rizzo loves his job as house manager for the President's residence, but he wouldn't mind being a professional golf caddie.

Caitlin Callaghan

10-second bio: Meet Caitlin Callaghan, who relishes her unpredictable workdays

Caitlin Callaghan, director of Executive Communications in Public Affairs, writes speeches for President Napolitano and hiked the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajökull.

Doug Arent on his bike

10-second bio: Meet Doug Arent, mountain climber from Cranberry

Doug Arent, training at the UCPath Center in Riverside, changed his lifestyle in 2010, adding healthy eating, lots of physical activity and, he says, he's never felt better.

10-second bio: Meet Gina Fleming-Magit: She bicycled from sea to shining sea

Gina Fleming-Magit, UCOP's new medical director of UC self-insured health plans, rode her bike across the county on her own as a teenager.