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Submit an event

The digital Link calendar enables you to post, view and search for UCOP events and activities. Please refer to the following guidelines when submitting a calendar event. It is also a good idea to check the calendar before scheduling your event to avoid conflicts.

Event criteria

  • Sponsored by a UCOP division, department, unit or recognized staff group
  • Open to/of broad interest to the UCOP community (Events limited to employees of a particular department, role, etc., and members-only events are not eligible.)
  • Physically/digitally accessible to the broader UCOP community (Events held outside UCOP/UC locations may be posted at the editor’s discretion if they directly relate to or benefit the UC community.)
  • Free to participants (unless requesting optional donations)
  • Conducted in accordance with the UCOP Principles of Community, as well as UC policies and state and federal laws and regulations

See the FAQs below for answers to more specific event questions.

How to submit a calendar event

Please email with the following criteria:

  • Event title
  • Description of event
  • Date and time
  • Location (Zoom and/or registration links for virtual events)
  • Department or event website (if applicable)
  • Event contact (name and phone number or email address)

Calendar review and publishing

  • All events are reviewed by Link editorial staff for adherence to the guidelines above.
  • We try to post all events within 48 to 72 hours after receipt, but please submit calendar items at least one week before your event to ensure it will be promoted on time. If your event is not posted to the Link calendar within 72 hours, contact for assistance.
  • The editor reserves the right to decline event submissions and to edit listings for length, spelling, language and clarity.

Link event FAQ

  • My department/division is hosting an event at a campus for people in our field. There’s a small participation fee. Is this event eligible for publication in Link? Unfortunately not — we only promote events that are held at a UCOP location, open to all staff (regardless of division/career role) and free. The only exceptions are for career development opportunities that are sponsored by UCOP or Systemwide HR; for example, UC-sponsored leadership programs.
  • My department/division is hosting an off-site event that is fee-based, but the keynote speeches will be livestreamed for anyone to tune in. Are you able to promote the livestreamed events in Link? Yes, we would be happy to promote the livestreams.
  • If I can’t promote a systemwide event for my department/division in Link, how can I get the word out? We recommend creating a mailing list or listserve to share this type of information with your audience.
  • Can I submit a Link article about a systemwide, role/industry-specific event after the fact to celebrate my team’s accomplishments? Yes! We would be happy to share a wrap-up of your event and any highlights or photos.
  • My ERG is hosting an event. It’s free and open to all UCOP staff, but it will take place at a nearby hotel/conference space. Can you promote it in Link? Yes, since it’s free and easily accessible to staff, we will be happy to promote it.
  • My event was canceled! What should I do? Please email to let us know. We’re not able to recall the weekly Mailchimp email, but we can remove the event from the calendar or add a note that it’s been canceled.

For additional questions or guidance, contact our editorial team at