Link: UCOP's e-newsletter

Stay Informed. Stay Connected.


Link, UCOP’s weekly e-newsletter, is the central communication resource for the UCOP community. It is your place to get timely news, learn about interesting and important events, and connect with the exceptional people who make up the UCOP community.

Spending just a few minutes with Link throughout the week will help you stay abreast of what’s happening at UCOP and around the UC system and how your work here supports UC as a whole.

Every Tuesday morning, you’ll receive an email announcing the latest news and events, with links that will take you directly to the Link website. But you don’t need to wait for the weekly email reminder. You can go to at any time to see the latest articles, check the calendar or use the Search function to look for information that’s been posted on Link.

The newsletter is also designed to foster open dialogue and be a virtual “gathering place” for the UCOP community — a place where you can exchange ideas, questions and thoughts with your colleagues. Take advantage of these interactive features:

  • Comment on stories by going to the bottom of any story page to submit your comment; it will appear on the Link homepage for others to see and join the conversation. (Please see Principles of Community below.)
  • Check the UCOP e-calendar for current events.
  • Submit events to be featured in Link — see this page for information about how to do that.
  • Choose “Submit a 10-Second Bio” from the pull-down menu at top of every Link page to fill out a simple form and introduce yourself to the OP community. Completed bios will be featured in an upcoming Link issue.

We welcome your feedback. If you have a story suggestion, question or comment, please contact

Principles of Community

We invite you to submit a comment on any story in Link. When posting, please:

  • Please submit comments through your email address.
  • Be respectful of the perspectives and opinions of others.
  • Stay on topic.
  • Add value: Be part of the conversation; don’t take it over.
  • Don’t use profanity, hateful speech, personal attacks, vulgarity or abusive language.
  • Avoid using capital letters; it is the electronic equivalent of YELLING.

Note: Comments that are disrespectful or do not comply with the UCOP Principles of Community or UC policy will be removed. For more, see the Guidelines for Social Media Participation on this and other UCOP sites.

Franklin Lobby Display Screens

The display screens in the Franklin Lobby are our latest tool to help keep you informed about what’s happening at UCOP, including upcoming events, reminders about your benefits and other important news. For more details, including the guidelines for what appears on the display screens, please see our Link story.

Posters and Flyers

Link no longer creates or posts flyers in the glass display cases by the elevators in the Franklin lobby. If you would like to create posters or flyers for your own use, you can download templates here.