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UCOP’s Reuse Center to close its doors Friday, Dec. 2

Be sure to stop by the Recycle and Reuse Center, on Franklin’s first floor just to the right of the Eden Café entrance, for your last chance to snag some folders, binders, desktop organizers and other gently used office supplies.

The center will be open during the Dec. 2 First Friday Breakfast at Franklin, from 8 to 9:30 a.m., for the last time, after which Building Services will clear out the space for another use.

Since its inception in July 2009, the Reuse Center has prevented or deferred the disposal of hundreds of pounds of office supplies, according to Andy Coghlan, sustainability specialist.

“It’s been a useful program,” Coghlan said, “but it’s become increasingly difficult to maintain order in the space, given the high volume of surplus supplies and the limited capacity of an all-volunteer staff.”

Karren Jamaca, Space and Relocation manager, also explained that the combination of accumulating supplies, low demand and not enough staff to keep things orderly has created a safety hazard.

Any supplies remaining after Friday’s closeout will be donated to local charities.

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  1. Jean November 29, 2011 Reply

    It’s too bad a better solution couldn’t be found. Our dept has found this supply area very useful, and a good way to save money.

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