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10 questions on UC’s family member eligibility verification

With the May 17 deadline for submitting documents to verify your family members’ eligibility for UC health insurance fast approaching, UC Human Resources answers the most frequently asked questions.

1. Why is the University of California verifying member eligibility for health insurance?

Rising medical, dental and vision insurance costs are a problem for employers and members nationwide. UC’s health and welfare benefits program for faculty, staff and retirees is no exception. The university has a fiduciary responsibility to the people of California, as well as to its employees and retirees, to ensure the best possible management of its health care benefits. To responsibly manage UC resources, it is essential that health plan members enroll only those family members who are eligible for UC-sponsored health insurance. The Family Member Eligibility Verification process is an opportunity for the university to update family member information and then monitor it for the future.

2. I didn’t receive a packet in the mail. What should I do?

Call Secova Inc. at 877-632-8126 (outside the U.S. call 424-253-7416). Secova will send you a verification packet if you are required to participate.

You do not need to participate in the verification process at this time and didn’t receive a packet in the mail if you:

  • Have no family members enrolled in UC-sponsored health insurance
  • Are a post-doc
  • Are a retiree enrolled in vision only
  • Are a medical resident or House staff or
  • Are a student

3. What happens if I do not return my Cover Sheet for Family Member Eligibility Verification and required documentation or I have not provided proper documentation to complete the verification process by the deadline?

If you do not return the Cover Sheet for Family Member Eligibility Verification and required documents by the May 17 deadline, you and your family members risk de-enrollment from UC-sponsored coverage. If you respond but do not provide proper documentation, your family members risk de-enrollment.

4. Why is the university asking for documentation that may include personal financial information?

The university does not want and does not need any personal financial information to verify eligibility for benefits. Please black out all such information, including social security numbers, on your documents before sending them in.

5. What if I am away from home and do not have access to the required documentation?

Call Secova Inc. at 877-632-8126 (for calls from within the U.S.) or 424-253-7416 (for international callers) to let them know about your issue. They will help to develop a solution for you.

6. What will happen if an employee or retiree is found to have enrolled an ineligible family member? 

Ineligible family members will be de-enrolled from UC coverage.

7. Why did the University of California decide to use an outside vendor for the Family Member Eligibility Verification project?

With more than 175,000 family members enrolled in UC health insurance plans, the magnitude of this project required outside resources and expertise. To accomplish a project of this size with the least difficulty for our employees and retirees, it was necessary to hire a vendor with specific expertise in this area. UC chose Secova Inc. because of their demonstrated experience in family member verification projects for large organizations, their commitment to customer service and their state-of-the-art security processes to protect the confidential data of our employees and retirees.

8.  Will my personal information be safe with Secova Inc.? What will Secova Inc. do with my documents? 

Yes, your personal information will be safe with Secova Inc. Do not send original documents to Secova Inc. Send only photocopies.

All documents sent via secure fax are automatically uploaded electronically so that no paper copy is created. Documents uploaded online are moved to a secure folder. When Secova Inc. receives your paper documents, they are scanned to an electronic image. All documents sent electronically or converted to an electronic image are stored in a secure Document Management System with password-protected access. Paper documents are stored in an access-controlled, secure storage room. After the verification process is complete, Secova Inc. will destroy all paper copies.

Secova Inc. ensures the confidentiality and privacy of all documents submitted during this process.

9. What was the process for selecting Secova Inc.?

UC Human Resources worked with UCOP Procurement Services and followed standard procedures for contracting with an outside vendor. In contracting with Secova Inc., UC Human Resources followed the standard university process for selecting professional services, including review of proposals from a number of vendors. A Request for Proposal was developed; multiple vendors responded, proposals were reviewed, and finalists were interviewed before Secova Inc was finally selected.

10. What if I have additional questions?

You can read additional frequently asked questions on the At Your Service website, or call Secova’s UC customer service number at 877-632-8126. (For calls from outside the U.S., call 424-253-7416.) Secova Customer Service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and services are available in multiple languages.

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