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Use the vacation leave you’ve earned to rest and recharge

With summer under way, now is the perfect time to take a vacation to recharge those batteries, especially if you are approaching or have reached your maximum vacation accrual limit.

UC provides vacation leave as a benefit to staff for rest and renewal throughout the year.

“Paid vacation leave is an important part of our benefits package,” said Dwaine B. Duckett, UC systemwide vice president of human resources. “Using your vacation time is a healthy way to release, get refreshed and take care of critical work-life balance. We want people to actually use it.”

Starting in July 2013, the way vacation hours are recorded will be standardized across all UC locations in a new payroll system. UC is transitioning to a single systemwide payroll and human resources system under UCPath that will electronically track how much vacation leave employees have accrued. Once an employee reaches maximum accrual, the system will not allow additional vacation to accrue, and the employee will not earn additional vacation until his or her vacation balance falls below the maximum cap.

How much vacation leave you accrue depends on your appointment, percent of time worked and how long you have worked at UC. The most you can bank is two times your annual accrual.

It’s important to keep track of how much vacation you have accrued so you don’t exceed the maximum limit and miss out on earning more vacation. (Find out how much vacation you currently have accrued by checking your time and attendance record.) You should be mindful to work with your supervisor to schedule vacations throughout the year.

Not taking vacation can become an impediment to personal productivity. There should be very few circumstances in which employees are not able to take vacation leave. UC’s policy outlines a process for employees who have not been able to schedule vacation due to the university’s exceptional operational needs.

>>View the UC Absence from Work policy.



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