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Explore new worlds with UC authors over winter break

Justin Torres with a drawing of a hyena from the cover of his new book, “Blackouts,” which won the 2023 National Book Award for Fiction.
(Photo credit: Credit: JJ Geiger [Torres]; Farrar, Straus and Giroux [book cover]; Trever Ducote/UCLA) (composite)

If you love reading, you’re in luck: University of California authors delivered a library of treasures over the past year to keep you turning pages all winter long.

UC writers this year brought home the Pulitzer Prize, the Lambda Literary Award and the National Book Award, among other honors with titles spanning a broad variety of genres and topics.

Whether your taste leans toward a coming-of-age memoir (set at UC Berkeley), gritty crime fiction or nonfiction books that can expand your capacity for wonder and attention, there’s something on the shelf for all. When you need to wind down from all that reading, there’s even an award-winning adaption on TV.

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