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10-Second Bio: Andy Coghlan

Title: Sustainability Specialist

Department/Unit: Budget and Capital Resources/Physical and Environmental Planning

Location: 6124 G, 1111 Franklin

When I started working at UCOP: August 2007

What I do for OP in five words or less: Support systemwide environmental goals

The best part about working for OP: The chance to make a positive contribution to an institution I believe in.

Something you don’t know about me: People often ask me if I went to UC. I went to the University of Chicago, so sometimes I just say yes.

One weird fact about the town I grew up in: I am from Philadelphia. Like many Philadelphians, I don’t have the perspective required to think that anything about my hometown is weird. I know plenty of weird facts about Oakland.

If I could have any job in the world (besides the one I have now), I would be: Reigning National League Cy Young Award winner.

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  1. Chris Orr August 3, 2010 Reply

    Another Philadelphian! Me, too. How about the weird fact that there is a sculpture of Rocky Balboa (aka Sylvester Stallone) on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway and people flock to it like it is Buddha? One of the big controversies in Philly was its placement by the Art Museum & it was moved, like, four times. Weird.

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