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Shout-Out to Raymond Hunter from Doris Parham

December 3, 2010


Thanks so much for helping to orchestrate yet another successful “First Friday Breakfast” event. Although I haven’t been able to attend all the events, I was pleased to attend the one this morning and it seems that the menu items have been greatly enhanced with quite a few heart-healthy additions. In particular, I was pleased to see the mini-yogurt/granola/strawberry parfait as well as the breakfast burrito choices. What wonderful morning treats!

I’d also like to extend a personal thank you for the extra customer service you provided in sending up the extra nuts & raisins, etc. to me that weren’t available when I passed through the serving line this morning. I did look for them before I left the area, but couldn’t see that they had been replenished yet. Therefore, it was a pleasant surprise that Debbie personally delivered some to me per your request. Thanks so much.

Doris Parham, Analyst
Strategic Resource Coordination Team (SRCT)
Business Operations

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