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Electronic health records rolling out across UC

A digital revolution is sweeping across University of California medical centers, as they switch to electronic health records. The new systems will help deliver care that is better, safer and smarter. Doctors will have instant access to lab tests. Patients will know they are getting the right medication. Providers will extend care coordination throughout the community.

The technology is not just a competitive edge; it’s part of a national imperative to transform health care.

Electronic health records are a key piece of federal health reform and a strategic priority for UC Health. All five UC medical centers are moving toward qualifying for federal incentives, which the government is offering those who go digital in a way that improves patient care and safety.

Indeed, UC San Diego and UC Davis are considered among the top 3 percent of hospitals in adopting electronic health records, while UC Irvine is close behind and UCLA and UC San Francisco are busy implementing their systems.

“UC has world-class medical centers,” said Dr. John Stobo, UC senior vice president for health sciences and services. “We’re already beginning to see the benefits of electronic health records. Adopting electronic health records systemwide will help UC meet the goals of federal health reform, to increase quality, improve patient care, enhance collaborations and drive innovation.”

The transformation is complex, involving lots of coordination and training, not to mention financial commitment. UC’s medical center chief information officers have spearheaded the effort, collaborating to share best practices and learn lessons from each other.

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