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Are you listening? Learn how to listen more effectively

When someone else is speaking to you, are you really listening? Most of us spend at least 45 percent of our time listening, but many of us don’t really comprehend or remember what the speaker is saying.

You can start to improve the quality of your listening with just a little training. You will develop an awareness of the process of listening, how you receive and interpret verbal information, and how you respond to it. You can enhance your listening knowledge, attitude and skills and apply them in all communication activities, whether in your work relationships or your personal interactions.

Join us for a brown bag lunch, “How to Listen Effectively,” from 12 to 1 p.m., on Wednesday, May 4, at 612 Kaiser building or Friday, May 6, at 12322 Franklin. You will learn nine valuable techniques to help you improve your listening skills, such as:

  • ignoring distractions and concentrating more fully on the speaker, and
  • listening for the main points so you can better summarize what you’ve heard.

The presenter is Sally Philbin, a UCOP employee since 1985 and now manager of HR compliance in the UCOP Local Office of Human Resources. A member of Toastmasters for more than 26 years, Philbin is founder and president of the Lakeside Speakeasy Toastmaster Club, which meets Thursdays at noon in the Kaiser Building 7th floor conference room.

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