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UC student researchers mix technology and humanity

Graduate students are at the heart of UC research. And many package their expertise, creativity and compassion to tackle and solve key problems in California and beyond.

Katrina Gooding Petersen of UC San Diego studies how various technologies, combined with information from regular people, can be used to map disasters such as wildfires throughout the state.

To enhance green energy, UC Santa Cruz’s Drew Lohn develops high-efficiency solar cells.

Adam Mendelsohn of UCSF has formed a startup company to design an implant that will deliver precise doses of lifesaving drugs directly into the bloodstream (see video).

They were among 20 UC graduate students, along with graduate division deans, in Sacramento on Wednesday, May 11, to meet with legislators to discuss the importance of graduate research and education.

The Graduate Research Advocacy Day was especially timely as lawmakers are making key decisions to address state budget shortfalls.

“The legislators don’t often hear very much about the research done by students and how important it is, and about how central it is to the California economy,” said Patricia Calarco, dean of the Graduate Division at UCSF.

Historically, UC graduate students have played a key role in UC’s research success. Many start or join new companies that are sparked by their research innovations. And those companies develop new technologies and create jobs.

Go to the UC Newsroom website to read Susan Suleiman’s full story and see the video about Adam Mendelsohn’s startup.

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