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Kevin Smith of UCLA named staff advisor-designate

Kevin Smith of UCLA has been selected as the 2011–13 staff advisor-designate to the University of California Regents, UC President Mark G. Yudof announced on May 18.

Smith, chief financial and compliance officer in the UCLA chancellor’s office, joins Penny Herbert, 2010–12 staff advisor, after a months-long, systemwide search.

“Kevin has an impressive background and I think he brings a number of important skills to the role of staff advisor, especially his understanding of financial matters,” Yudof said. “I think he will represent staff very well, and I look forward to working with him over the next two years.”

Smith replaces Juliann Martinez of UC Berkeley, whose two-year appointment ends June 30.

“The next two years will be quite transformative for UC given the budget cuts being proposed,” Smith said. “I want to use my background in budget and finance to serve the university. I also want to make sure decisions are made in the staff’s best interest and then to be able to explain those decisions to staff.”

See the full story on the UC Newsroom website.

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