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Join the Alive! online program to get fit and feel better

UCOP staff are invited to join an online program that encourages taking small steps to achieve goals for improved nutrition, a more active lifestyle and better overall fitness.

More than 1600 participants on eight UC campuses are participating in the Alive! program, an email-based incentive program developed by Professor Emerita Gladys Block of UC Berkeley’s School of Public Health. All staff are eligible to participate, and those age 50 or over may elect to join a randomized study of the program’s effectiveness.

You begin by filling out a short online questionnaire on your physical activity and dietary habits. Then you choose a goal, either increased physical activity or improved diet. Each week, Alive! sends you by email personalized, doable steps, based on your own habits, to work toward your goal. Every 12 weeks you can choose another area to work on or go further with the same goal.

Get more details on the online program or get started today.


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