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Got a question? Go to the UCOP Quick Reference Guide

Are you looking for information on how to set up your commuter benefits? Need help shredding those outdated documents that are piling up in your office? Don’t know where to go when you have a problem with your medical benefits?

You need the Quick Reference Guide, fondly known as Navigating UCOP, a handy online resource and reference for UCOP staff. The nine-page compendium makes it easier — whether you’re a newcomer or a seasoned UCOP staffer — to find commonly used UCOP services and business operations.

The Quick Reference Guide is organized by type of service, from HR and Benefits to IT and Security Services. It is updated on a regular basis and has a table of contents and live links. Just bookmark it or create a copy of the PDF on your desktop and you’ll have an easy reference at your fingertips.

Originally created in 2010 by the How We Work Group, a cross-functional team of UCOP staff, the document was designed to provide OP colleagues with a quick reference guide to essential resources and tools to work more efficiently. The HWW group no longer exists, but its work is being continued by the OP Operations Council, a leadership group whose focus is to continually monitor UCOP operations to ensure core business activities are functioning as effectively as possible, and to look for opportunities for process improvements.

If you are not familiar with the Quick Reference Guide, check it out today. If you have recommendations for revisions, additions or other improvements, please send your ideas to Thuvan Le at

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