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Complete your eCourses by 5 pm, Wednesday, Feb. 29

The UC Learning Center is undergoing a scheduled system upgrade, which began Monday, Feb. 20, and continues through Wednesday, Feb. 29, with the conversion expected to be complete by Thursday, March 1.

During the upgrade, the UC Learning Center will be available for employees to access and register for training. New course registrations and eCourse completions during that time will be carried forward to the upgraded system.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Be aware and please inform your staff that, if an eCourse is started and partially completed during the upgrade, partial progress made in the course will NOT be carried forward to the new system. However, if the eCourse is completed during this time, the completion will be carried forward.

To ensure that eCourse completions are properly credited, please plan to finish your course no later than Wednesday, Feb. 29, at 5 p.m.; otherwise, please delay starting the  training until the anticipated completion date of the upgrade on March 1.

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