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Next deadlines for biweekly time reports: Aug. 6 and 7

If you recently transitioned from a monthly to a biweekly pay schedule, be sure to keep track of the upcoming deadlines for submitting your time report to your supervisor. Supervisors also must approve the reports and submit them for processing, usually the following day.

The next deadlines for the pay period of July 22 to Aug. 4 are Monday, Aug. 6, for employees and Tuesday, Aug. 7, for supervisors.

For a complete calendar of this year’s time-reporting deadlines, see the Time Approvers Schedule issued by UCLA (the campus that processes UCOP payroll). The upcoming deadlines for the next several pay periods are listed below; note that all deadlines are 12 noon on the date listed:

Pay period  Payday Employee deadline Supervisor deadline
07/22/12 – 08/04/12 08/15/12 08/06/12 08/07/12
08/05/12 – 08/18/12 08/29/12 08/20/12 08/21/12
08/19/12 – 09/01/12 09/12/12 09/03/12 09/04/12
09/02/12 – 09/15/12 09/26/12 09/17/12 09/18/12


New to the Time Reporting System?

Nonexempt represented employees this week will begin reporting their time via the Time Reporting System (TRS), UCOP’s automated, web-based system that replaces paper timesheets and electronically collects time and attendance data. Policy-covered employees made the switch to biweekly TRS time reporting on July 1, so all nonexempt employees are now on the same pay schedule and submitting their time reports through the TRS.

If you are new to the TRS and missed the training sessions, most users say the system is easy to use and very intuitive. But you can find out more about how to use it from this training guide on the UCLA payroll website.

If you have any questions, please contact Ana Trejo, BRC Payroll Team lead, at 510-987-9057 or via email at

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