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Aug. 29 brown bag: Learn more about your book donations

Ann Gallagher, director of District Library Services, will visit UCOP to speak about Oakland School District Unified Libraries and the OP Staff Assembly (OPSA) Book Drive, Wednesday, Aug. 29, 12 to 1 p.m. in 10325 Franklin.

The event is sponsored by the OPSA to support their summer book drive, which is seeking your donation of books from the California Young Reader Medal (CYRM) program, initiated in 1974 to promote books read by kids, nominated by kids and voted on by kids in the state’s schools.

Donation boxes are set up in all UCOP office locations in the Franklin, Kaiser, 20th St. and Office of the Treasurer buildings to collect CYRM-nominated books for the Oakland Unified School District in time for the school year this fall.

Check your local bookstores or online outlets like or to purchase the CYRM books. See last week’s Link story for a list of titles, divided by OP locations, or pull a printed list from the donation boxes. Please donate only these books or gently used contemporary fiction titles appropriate for ages pre-K to 12 (see the CYRM website for past winners).

Cash donations (in the form of checks only, please, made out to OP Staff Assembly) will also be accepted. Deliver your check to either Ken Feer in 12201a Franklin or Nancy Chamberlain in 6031 Kaiser.

Be sure to make your donation of books or checks by Friday, Sept. 7. Because you can never have too many books!

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