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Fiat Lux digital digest puts UC news at your fingertips

Astounding discoveries. New ideas. Better ways of doing things. Want to know more about how UC is reshaping the world?

Fiat Lux, UC’s new digital Flipboard magazine for tablets and mobile devices, puts information about the university’s latest ideas and innovations at users’ fingertips.

“We are always looking for new ways to help Californians understand and appreciate the public value that UC brings to the state and the world,” said Jason Simon, executive director of marketing and communications. “A digital magazine lets us reach important audiences where they are — on their mobile devices – and offers them an easy and engaging way to keep up with latest and greatest from across the UC system.”

Flip through Fiat Lux, and it quickly becomes clear that the range of groundbreaking work going on across our campuses, medical centers and labs is truly staggering.

In just the first two weeks of June, for example:

  • UC Berkeley scientists announced a new form of gene therapy that could cure some forms of degenerative blindness.
  • A UC Irvine scientist published findings on how the U.S. is unwittingly depleting its groundwater reserves.
  • UC Riverside and UC San Diego researchers found the mechanism in sleep that allows the brain to consolidate emotional memories.
  • UC San Francisco published a study showing that men were more likely to survive prostate cancer simply by replacing some of the carbohydrates in their diet with healthy vegetable fats, like those found in olive oil and almonds.

And that’s just a sampling of what’s going on across UC. Readers can keep up with it all by downloading the free Flipboard app to their tablet or smart phone, and then searching for Fiat Lux or the University of California.

Flipboard works on both Apple iOS and Google Android devices for phone or tablet. Download it here:

The magazine, which launched June 1, has already drawn more than 13,000 readers.

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