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10-second bio: Meet Doug Arent, mountain climber from Cranberry

Doug Arent on his bike

Doug Arent (in foreground) is a trainer at the UCPath Center in Riverside.

Name: Doug Arent

Title: Trainer

Department/Unit: UCPath Center

Location: UCPath Center, Riverside, Calif.

When I started working at UCOP: Feb. 18, 2014

What I do for UCOP in five words or less: Train and develop UCPath Center employees

Best part about working for OP: The positive and engaging work environment and the exciting road ahead for UCPath

Something you don’t know about me: I love hiking, cycling and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I changed my lifestyle on July 15, 2010, and have since cycled over 14,000 miles, hiked to the summits of the highest SoCal mountains and climbed Mt. Whitney, Mt. Williamson and White Mountain Peak, the three highest mountains in California.  I changed to a plant-based diet and haven’t had junk food, sugary drinks or red meat in over 3.5 years. I have lost over 40 pounds and, at 48 years young, have never felt better.

One weird fact about the town I grew up in: How did Cranberry, Pa., get its name? Cranberry Township was established in 1804 and named for the wild cranberries that grew along the banks of Brush Creek, its major water source. The berries attracted deer, and the deer attracted Native American hunters, although there is no evidence of permanent Indian settlements. Drought and farming combined to eliminate the township’s namesake fruit by the 1880s, but the deer are still abundant.

If I could have any job in the world (besides the one I have now) I would be: a mountain climbing guide

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  1. Emily Montan March 11, 2014 Reply

    Welcome to the UC family Doug!

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