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Eight reasons to switch to direct deposit

Still getting a paper paycheck? You might want to consider these eight advantages of direct deposit:

  • On payday, your pay is already in your account for you to use, without having to visit a bank or ATM.
  • Your pay will never get lost or misplaced like a paper check might.
  • You’re at less risk for identity theft.
  • You can have your pay split automatically between up to three different accounts.
  • You pay no extra fees to receive your money.
  • Your money is protected by federal consumer protections and banking regulations.
  • Electronic payments help the environment by reducing the use of paper and its processing.
  • You can time the payment of monthly bills knowing for certain when your pay will be in your account.

In short, signing up for direct deposit is a great way to ensure that your pay is deposited on time into the account(s) of your choice and ready for you to use immediately.

To sign up for direct deposit, visit UCPath and on the left hand side of the screen, click on the “Income and Taxes” category and “Direct Deposit” to make your new selections. For instructions on reviewing or changing your direct deposit choices, click here.

Keep in mind that any changes to direct deposit information may take up to two pay periods to take effect. You will receive a paper payroll check until your direct deposit has been set up.

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