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Lessons from the Golden State Warriors – and photos of their victory parade

The Golden State Warriors are a Greater Good  team.

I say that not only because they play in Oakland, just a few miles from our office. Nor because several of our staff (myself included) have been known to skip out of work early to cheer them on. Nor even because our faculty director, Dacher Keltner, sat in on a couple of Warriors practices earlier this season.

No, I say that because throughout their dominant run across the NBA regular season, playoffs, and finals, they preached and played by Greater Good  values. Indeed, Warriors Head Coach Steve Kerr has deliberately shaped the Warriors’ team culture around four core values: joy, mindfulness, compassion, and competition. That last one is a no-brainer for any professional sports team, but the first three are less conventional—and they obviously resonate with our work here at the Greater Good Science Center.

When the Warriors reclaimed the NBA championship from the Cleveland Cavaliers earlier this week, those values took center stage. From their postgame interviews, as well as their play during the finals and their season as a whole, I took away three lessons that, according to Greater Good  science, feel just as important to finding satisfaction in life as they do to finding success on the court.

Read full article in UC Berkeley’s online Greater Good  magazine to find out what the three lessons are.

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  1. Parm June 20, 2017 Reply

    If anyone would like to watch the procession from the perspective of the 12th floor, please check out the videos I posted to YouTube:

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