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UCLA Health: Nine myths about healthy eating


“People think it all comes down to their genes, but there is so much we can control by not smoking or being overweight, eating right and exercising at least moderately,” says Karin Michels, professor and chair of the epidemiology department in the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health.

What constitutes healthy eating? Michels, who frequently gives public talks on the topic, has found there are many widely held misconceptions that lead to misguided dietary decisions. Listed below are nine common food-related myths that she seeks to dispel. To find out the truth vs. the myth, read the full article from UCLA Health Magazine.

  1. Myth: Cut the carbs
  2. Myth: A low-fat diet is optimal
  3. Myth: We should eat like our ancestors
  4. Myth: Red meat is a good source of iron
  5. Myth: A well-balanced diet provides all essential nutrients
  6. Myth: Alcohol should be avoided
  7. Myth: Coffee is unhealthy
  8. Myth: It’s advisable to load up on calcium
  9. Myth: Milk does the body good

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