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Is that bug in your garden bugging you? Ask a UC entomologist live on Facebook

Do you have something weird going on in your vegetable garden or with your fruit trees? Maybe a strange looking green worm on your tomatoes or raggedy looking leaves on your garden eucalyptus? Curious about using natural enemies for controlling pests in the garden, or are you trying to take care of pesky ants coming into your kitchen?

Mark Hoddle, an entomologist at UC Riverside, is a specialist in biocontrol and may be able to answer some of these perplexing questions for you!

  • Date: Tuesday, July 10
  • Time: 10–11 a.m.
  • How to You don’t need a Facebook account to watch the live stream. However, you do need a Facebook account in order to post a comment or question. If you don’t have a Facebook account but would like to ask a question, send your question to by 5 p.m. Friday, July 6.

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  1. Mai July 3, 2018 Reply

    My garden and the exterior of my house is surrounded by spider webs. What can I do to prevent them from weaving more webs?

  2. Fanta Summers July 3, 2018 Reply

    Almost every day at work, I break out with hive (face, arms and hands). On the onset of the break-out, there’s often a black gnat milling about. This has been going on for 10 years. I informed my former supervisor about it approx. 10 years ago. After looking into it, she informed me that she was told that gnats don’t have the mandible properties to cause that type of skin reaction. However, there’s a direct correlation of the sight of the gnat and the onset of hive breakout. This only happens to me in this [FRANKLIN] building, and never outside of the office. I’m allergic to cephalexin/Kelflex (RX); the reaction is hive breakout. I haven’t taken any in over 20 years. Can this be explained?

  3. Link editor July 6, 2018 Reply

    Thanks for your questions. We’ll add them to the list for our entomology expert! Don’t forget to tune in Tuesday for the live discussion.

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