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How to be heard in advocacy efforts

Lawmakers have heard from UC advocates more than 8,200 times this year — and it’s only July.

This is an incredible show of force by our small but mighty UC Advocacy Network of 17,000 people — and a testament to the power of collective action.

Do you want your activism to have an even greater impact? Consider contacting lawmakers by phone instead of email the next time you want to be heard.

In a recent  New York Times article, lawmakers and legislative staff shared that “a phone call from a constituent can … hold more weight than an email.” Why is that? Calls are more personal. Lawmakers are just like the rest of us — they are moved by heartfelt, personal perspectives on policy issues.

So, the next time you want Sacramento or Washington to listen, consider making a call. We have  tips  to help make it less daunting.

Whatever form your advocacy takes, know that your support makes a huge difference to UC and its students. Thank you for speaking out!

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