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IT tip: How do I share my screen in a Zoom meeting?

We’ve been using Zoom for conferencing for a while, but you may have questions. One frequently asked question is how to share your screen while in a meeting.

Here’s how:

  • Hover over the bottom of your Zoom meeting screen to make the meeting toolbar visible.
  • Click on the Share Screen icon near the middle of the toolbar.
  • Select the screen you wish to share and click on the Share Screen button.
  • Depending on how the host has configured the sharing options for the meeting, it may be that only one person can share at a time or that only the host can share.

There is an excellent video on screen-sharing on the Zoom Support web site.

In a conference room environment, others needing to screen share can also use to easily screen share while automatically turning their video off and muting their audio. For more information on, see the article on the Zoom Support website.

Want more handy Zoom tips? Check out this FAQ from IT Client Services.

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