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Box update: New features and tips for collaborating

Box usage continues to steadily rise! Here are some new features and tips that you may find useful.

Coming soon: Box Drive

Box Drive replaces Box Sync and gives you the ability to access your Box content using Windows Explorer or Mac Finder on your local desktop or laptop. Box Sync was limited to synchronizing selected files and folders from Box, but Box Drive gives you complete native access to your Box data. You also have the ability to mark files and folders for offline usage so that you can access your Box content without an internet connection.

IT will send out communications in early 2019 giving details about what you should expect and how to use Box Drive.

Box learning coming to LMS in early 2019

Learn how you can maximize your use of Box by taking online classes with subject matter experts via the UC Learning Center. These classes will begin in early 2019 and are oriented to all levels of tech expertise.

Quick Tip #1: Shared links and how they work

There are three options for sharing links to Box files:

  1. People with the link: Anyone with the link can access the item and no Box account is required.
  2. People in your company: Users in the same Box enterprise as you, who have a Box account with the same email domain as your Box enterprise will be able to access the shared link.
  3. People in this folder/file: Only users who have been invited to the specific item (folder or file) can access the content.

Quick Tip #2: What happens when Box accounts are deleted

When a Box account is deleted, as when an employee leaves UCOP, all content owned by this account is also deleted. This includes content shared with others.

The Box administrator has the ability to transfer content to another owner. If the separated employee’s manager would like content transferred, it is important to specify the new owner’s name when requesting the account be deleted to ensure data is not lost.

Quick Tip #3: Understanding Box permissions

Box lets you securely manage, share and access your content from anywhere. Understanding its permissions is paramount in keeping your data safe.

Box Permissions gives you an overview of what permissions you can assign when inviting collaborators to your data.


Just a reminder that the Box User Guide in the Getting Started folder contains easy-to-use directions in case you need a quick reference.

Take advantage of Box University for other useful tips and training courses!

As always, please contact the UCOP Service Desk at for any questions about Box.

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