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UC stands against intolerance

Dear Members of the University Community,

I write in the wake of recent events that have shocked, angered, and deeply saddened us. These include the murders of Jews and African Americans targeted by terrorists for their faith and race, the explosives mailed to public officials and members of the press, the continued harassment of immigrants, and a potential change in federal guidelines that would, in essence, deny the existence of transgender people.

Violence and all forms of intolerance — including against transgender and gender non-binary people — will not be tolerated at the University of California. As stated in the university’s Principles Against Intolerance, acts of hatred and other intolerant conduct, as well as acts of discrimination that demean difference, are antithetical to the values of the university and serve to undermine our mission of research, teaching and public service.

On behalf of President Napolitano, I urge all campus communities — faculty, students and staff — to find constructive means to support each other, create inclusive and welcoming spaces, and demonstrate in words and actions that we can disagree with people and their ideas without attacking their dignity and sense of belonging.

I encourage all members of our UC community to seek resources should they need support. Help is available from a variety of campus and location offices, including deans of students, offices of diversity and inclusion, counseling services, and employee assistance programs for faculty and staff.

Hate has no place at UC.

Most sincerely,

Yvette Gullatt
Vice Provost for Diversity and Engagement

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