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10-Second Bio: Gary Cheng, juggler and empowerment proponent

Name: Gary Cheng

Title:  Senior Content Developer and Trainer

Department/Unit: UCOP Local Human Resources

Location: Franklin Building

When I Started Working At UCOP: September 2018

What I Do for OP in Five Words or Less: Empower people and teams

The Best Part About Working for OP: The people! And the mission.

Something You Don’t Know About Me: I can juggle. Literally.

One Weird Fact about the Town I Grew Up In: Our high schools were so big that our graduations were held at Texas Stadium where the Dallas Cowboys played football games — right on the 50-yard line.

If I Could Have Any Job in the World (Besides the One I Have Now), I Would Be: Empowering nonprofits to collaborate with other nonprofits across sectors to more effectively address systemic issues in the world.



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