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Warning: Portable space heaters may burn your data

In these chilly months, you may want to cozy up to a portable space heater at the office. If you do, please take precautions to make sure that neither you nor your computer data get burned.

In UCOP’s buildings, all cubicles and some offices share the same circuit to power all their electrical equipment, including computers, monitors and space heaters. If a space heater draws too much power and trips the circuit, there is the possibility that all the computers on that same circuit will also lose power and any unsaved data on them may be lost.

The space heaters provided by UCOP’s Building Services have two power settings. Please limit your use to Setting 1 to minimize the risk of your space heater drawing too much power and tripping the electrical circuit.

If not used properly, portable space heaters are also a fire risk. Protect yourself and your co-workers by making sure that:

  • Your space heater is turned OFF when not in use. (It’s OK to leave it plugged in.)
  • The area around your space heater is completely clear of other objects and materials so that there is no fire ignition risk.

If you experience any issues with your space heater, unplug it immediately and contact Building Services at 7-0600.

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