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Availability of IRS Form 1095

In the coming weeks, UCOP employees will receive 1095-B and/or 1095-C forms verifying their health coverage for 2018. Though the IRS has extended their deadline for employers until March 4, 2019, UC is working to provide 1095 forms by the original Jan. 31, 2019 deadline.  

If you’re receiving a 1095 form from UC, it will be mailed to your home on or around Jan. 31. Please check your UCPath account to ensure your home address is up to date. Allow about 7-10 days from the mailing date for delivery of your 1095 form. 

Please note:  The Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires employers and/or health plans to send you these forms, but you do not need to submit a copy of either form when you file your taxes. The form is for your information and records only. 

What is IRS Form 1095? 

IRS Form 1095 is intended to give you information about your medical coverage, who was covered, and when. You may receive more than one form, however, which can be confusing. Here’s an overview of the three versions of IRS Form 1095 so you’ll know what to look for, and why you may receive each form. 

Form 1095-A 

This version of Form 1095 is sent by the Health Insurance Marketplace (Covered California, for California residents) to individuals who enrolled in coverage there. 

Form 1095-B 

This version of Form 1095 is sent by health insurance providers to individuals they cover.  Members of UC’s Health Net, Kaiser and Western Health Advantage plans receive this form from their plans. 

Form 1095-C 

This version of Form 1095 is sent by employers.  UC sends this form to  UC employees if they: 

  • Are considered full-time by ACA standards (those who work 75 percent time or more) or 
  • Are enrolled in  UC’s self-insured plans (CORE, UC Care and UC Health Savings Plan) 

For example, if you are a full-time employee enrolled in a Kaiser plan, you should receive Form 1095-B from Kaiser, and Form-1095-C from UC. If you are a full-time employee enrolled in UC Care, you should only receive Form 1095-C, from UC. 

For more information, please see  Questions and Answers about Health Care Information Forms for Individuals (Forms 1095-A, 1095-B, and 1095-C) on  


To allow time for delivery from the United States Postal Service, please wait until Feb. 14 before requesting a reprint of your 1095-C form. To request a copy in UCPath, scroll down to the Forms Library and click on “Records” to complete a Benefits record request. 

If you’re a member of Health Net, Kaiser or Western Health Advantage, reach out to your health plan for reprints of Form 1095-B.

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  1. Marcus Horwitz February 26, 2019 Reply

    I have still not received the Forms 1095 supposedly mailed out Jan. 31.

    • Michelle Simone March 1, 2019 Reply

      Hi Marcus, Sorry to hear about the delay in your 1095. We recommend that you contact UCPath so they can view your account and make sure that everything’s in order. You can reach them at 855-982-7284. There was a delay in mailing some UCPath forms to UCLA and Santa Barbara staff. Please see this UCNet article.

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