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UC Berkeley Library access

Ready to take your UC Berkeley-related research to the next level? Select UCOP staff who work on behalf of UC Berkeley as part of their primary job are eligible for UC Berkeley Library privileges.

How to apply for a UC Berkeley library card

If you work on behalf of UC Berkeley as part of your primary job, visit the UC Berkeley Library website to complete an online library card application. Your request will be forwarded to your supervisor to verify your eligibility. (Please provide your direct supervisor’s contact information in the sections referring to “Your UCOP Supervisor/Department Head.”)

Once your card is approved, you will receive a library card number and PIN to access online resources. You can also present a current government-issued ID, such as a driver’s license or passport, at the Privileges Desk (Doe Library, Floor 1) to pick up a borrowing card for printed materials.

Your access will be granted for one year at a time, from June 30 through July 1. You will be responsible for updating the UC Berkeley Library on any changes to your contact information, and for following all library policies.

Already have a UC Berkeley library staff card for yourself or your spouse?

Unfortunately, under the new UC Berkeley library policy, only those UCOP staff who work on behalf of UC Berkeley as part of their primary job are eligible for a free card. Existing library cards for staff without this designation and staff spouses will expire on June 30. One-year library cards are available for purchase by all California residents, at a fee of $100 per year. Learn more.

If you do meet the eligibility requirements, you can request your annual renewal following the online application process outlined above. Please complete your application in advance of the card expiration date (July 1, 2019) to avoid interruptions in your access.

For questions regarding eligibility, please contact the UC Berkeley Library Privileges Desk at

Research resources for UCOP staff

The UC California Digital Library maintains a helpful online directory of reputable and convenient research resources to assist UCOP staff. Visit their website to learn about:

  • Locating known research materials through ejournals and citation linkers
  • Tools and resources for managing and archiving research materials
  • Open-access scholarly publishing opportunities
  • And more!
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