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Important message regarding records management

Progress towards the new building in Oakland is moving quickly, and it is critically important to ensure that your department is meeting its records management goals.

A number of departments have been invited to schedule records taxonomy workshops with the records management consultant, who is here this week through May 31. His role is to help departments develop taxonomies so their important files will be organized and easy to retrieve. Those departments invited to participate in workshops should contact right away to schedule their workshop this week.

Additional assistance is available. Temporary TOPS employees are available to help box, inventory and send inactive records off-site for departments. Records Management can provide helpful guidance.

We know that it is a busy time of year for many of you; however, the reality is that we must deal with these records as soon as possible to stay on schedule for the building move. Please ensure that your department contacts Records Management at or (510) 987-0399 to make an appointment with the records management consultant next week.

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