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How well do you know ServiceNow?

Did you know that ServiceNow is not only a request-tracking system but also serves as a primary tool for communication with departments?

What does this mean?

  • ServiceNow sends notifications and messages to the department requestor regarding the request.
  • These messages and notifications are sent to your Outlook email address.

What do the emails look like?

  • Emails come from the “IT Service Hub” and have notes in the subject line to let you know what type of notification you are receiving.
If the subject line says… What to expect:
Request Submitted §  An email confirmation that your request has been submitted

§  Notification will include your Request Tracking Number (aka RITM) with a brief description of what you submitted

Approval Request §  A system-generated email to the department approver when “Choose Approver” is selected in ServiceNow

§  Notification will include a brief summary of the request

§  Only the approver will receive these emails

Request Commented On §  An email containing a note or question from the BRC team member working on your request
Request Completed §  An email confirmation that your request has been completed by the BRC

You can reply to any of these emails (except Approval Request) to add comments, notes, questions or attachments to your request in ServiceNow.

Please note that the above notifications and messages are only sent to the person who is listed as “Requested on Behalf Of” in the request form or anyone who is added to the Watch List.*

*See the BRC ServiceNow Training (page 47) for instructions on adding someone to the Watch List.

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