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Link reader poll: How you gave thanks

Last week we asked readers to share your Thanksgiving plans. Here’s what you said.

Who you spent Thanksgiving with

  • 3% – a mix of blood relatives
  • 20% – blood relatives or chosen family (tie)
  • 7% – other

Of those who responded “other,” some planned to celebrate with family and strangers, whole others looked forward to a solo Thanksgiving “staycation.”

Your favorite savory dishes

  • 53% – stuffing/dressing
  • 13% – turkey or mashed potatoes (tie)
  • 7% – brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes or mac and cheese (tie)

Your favorite Thanksgiving dessert

  • 3% – Apple pie
  • 7% – Pumpkin pie
  • 20% – Pecan pie
  • 7% – Blueberry pie, cookies or other

Most popular write-in response: peach cobbler.

What you’re most thankful for

Here is a sample of the many things you shared your gratitude for:

  • Being a new employee at UC Health
  • My personal and professional growth that has taken place in the last five years
  • Working with so many wonderful people at UCOP
  • Family, friends, and colleagues who have been supportive through tough times this year
  • My family and our health, and what awesome young people my three teenagers have turned out to be
  • My partner, my community, my health and having housing security in the Bay Area
  • My health, my friends and my family

… and, two of you welcomed new daughters this year. Congratulations!

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