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Popcorn survey: The results are in!

Thursday, March 12, is National Popcorn Day, and to kick off the celebrations, we asked you to weigh in on your favorite ways to enjoy this fiber-rich treat. Here’s what we learned.

Most of you only eat popcorn a few times a year. Don’t fret though: 3.6% of respondents admitted to indulging daily. “Popcorn is something approaching an addiction for me — it is, by far, my favorite snack!” wrote Kevin Cornish.

“I adore popcorn!” agreed Susan Bennet.

Movie-theater popcorn is a must-do. More than 55% of you always eat popcorn at the movies, and another 33.9% sometimes order it. Five people claim to never eat popcorn at the movies, and one of you doesn’t go to the movies at all. “Movie theater popcorn is only as good as its oil!” revealed one respondent. “The best popcorn has the best, most healthful oil, and usually only a handful of art theaters have the good oil: coconut and palm.”

Real butter and salt are the number one toppings of popcorn connoisseurs — they’re equally adored by 67.9% of you. This blew away movie-theater-style butter flavoring, which only garnered 39.3% of votes. The second-most popular topping is salt, at 67.3%.

Our optional write-in toppings gave us some tasty ideas, including furikake, sugar (plain and cinnamon), truffle oil or salt, olive oil and Dijon mustard.

You rank kettle corn number one in popcorn styles. Here’s the final hierarchy:

  1. Kettle corn
  2. Movie-theater popcorn
  3. Air-popped popcorn
  4. Stove-top popcorn
  5. Packaged butter popcorn
  6. Packaged cheddar popcorn
  7. Microwave popcorn (One commenter described microwave popcorn as “a travesty of nature.”)

You’re just not that into packaged popcorn: More than 30% of you don’t like it at all! For those who do enjoy their popcorn to go, the most popular brand was Boom Chicka Pop, followed by Trader Joe’s store brand.

Even celebs get popcorn crazy: One commenter shared a great article about Steph Curry’s love for popcorn (which the New York Times referred to as a “problem”) — and how Curry believes it’s critical to his enviable skills on the basketball court.

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