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Continuing the Conversation on Race: Self-paced courses are available

We’re thrilled to announce that three recent courses from UCOP’s popular Continuing the Conversation on Race series are now available through the UC Learning Center for self-paced learning.

Led by author and educator Dr. Rachelle Rogers-Ard, executive director of People, Leadership and Development with the Alameda County Office of Education, these courses present participants with the foundational knowledge needed to understand the history of anti-Blackness in the United States, to engage in meaningful dialogue and to become an anti-racist leader. Select each course name below to view it on the UC Learning Center (log in required).

Additional courses in the Continuing the Conversation on Race series will be announced this fall — please stay tuned to Link for more details!

A celebratory participant response

Continuing the Conversation on Race has been one of UCOP’s most popular and well-attended course series to date, with 90% of participants rating their course a 5/5. Many staff members took the time to share glowing feedback for the course and presenter:

  • This was the best presentation of the historical facts that I have seen or read — and she did it all in one hour. This class had a lot of impact on my understanding of the subject, both intellectually and emotionally.”
  • “Dr. Rachelle Rogers-Ard was fantastic. I felt like I was in a college lecture hall. She was so informative and knowledgeable.”
  • “Excellent material that I will also share with friends outside the organization.”
  • “The trainer and the content were exceptional and really helped us understand some topics that are in today’s discussion about racial justice and its clear ties to history. I learned so much.”
  • “Dr. Rogers-Ard did a magnificent job presenting challenging information and did so in a way that engaged my brain, my heart and my gut. She did an excellent job in sharing enough information (not so much that it would have been overwhelming or confusing) and unpacked each area she covered. She delved into the spoken and unspoken history of anti-blackness in the U.S.  In doing so she invited us to see/re-see and critically think about humanity.”
  • Great information and the need to focus on being actively anti-racist, including actionable five steps.”

Anti-racism resources

Further your understanding of racism and propel your development as an anti-racist leader by reviewing the following resources:

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