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Meet 4 women who support UCOP technology

Each year, in celebration of International Women’s History Month, the UC Women in Tech Committee features IT women across UC whose work sustains the technology so essential to everyone’s work at UC — including administrators, researchers and clinical staff. Every location WIT group submits one woman or team of women. UCOP’s Regana Staccato-Johnson in telecommunications was highlighted in this year’s article!

The UCOP Women in Tech group recognizes more women colleagues who are making a big impact in UCOP IT. Here are their stories.

Amy Chen

Amy Chen, Web Accessibility Specialist, Information Technology Services

Amy is a natural educator — not a common trait for someone working in a technical role. She has a deep understanding of how to structure electronic content in a way that is accessible for those who have mobility or visual challenges. Amy explains why this is important and offers step-by-step guidance on how to create accessible content to UCOP colleagues. She is vested in ensuring everyone understands this topic and will coach colleagues along the way. Her passion is contagious. Amy is an amazing ambassador for accessibility and passes along that passion to everyone with whom she interacts. As a result, UCOP website accessibility is getting better and better! In her spare time, Amy likes to travel and research privacy and blockchain technologies, such as gold, silver, Bitcoin, Monero, the Edge wallet and Pirate Chain.

Hema Ramaiah, Financial Applications Manager

Hema Ramaiah

Hema led the technical effort of getting UCOP into the Oracle Cloud Financials environment. After the system launched on July 1, 2020, Hema worked with Oracle, the business team in Financial Accounting and support services vendors to ensure that system stability, operational support, security patching and bug fixes were handled — all while keeping an eye toward identifying growth opportunities for her technical team members to learn how to support the Oracle Financials ecosystem. If you were recently able to submit a purchase requisition or a pro-card request, much of that is due to Hema and her team! In her free time, Hema enjoys exploring nature, trying out new and interesting recipes in the kitchen and listening to music.

Ashley Gould, Systems Programmer

Ashley Gould

Ashley joined the California Digital Library’s UC Curation Center program remotely in April 2020. Her contributions have been transformative. She has not only embraced infrastructure as code to achieve continuous integration in our agile development environments, but has also introduced and influenced best-practice methodologies across four services that are developed, tested and hosted on 80+ servers in the AWS cloud. Ashley embodies an inclusive environment, sharing her ideas and knowledge with both technical and non-technical team members. Her collaborative work approach is exemplary — proposing ideas, engaging in brainstorming and feedback sessions and collaboratively building out proofs of concepts, resulting in transformative solutions and implementations that work for all team members. When Ashley isn’t blazing a trail at the office, she enjoys making cocktails with ingredients from her well-tended garden.

Jing Ning, Security Engineer

Jing Ning

Jing Ning is one of the engineers responsible for running scans that check UCOP computers and servers for security vulnerabilities. Every day, UCOP servers withstand over two million cyberattack attempts. Her thorough work helps to protect us from these perpetual attacks, and her positive attitude makes her a pleasure to work with. She is a great partner whose skillset is valued in our security-conscious environment! When Jing isn’t fending off cyberattackers, she relaxes by cooking, reading, meditating, and hiking.

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