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Tuesday: Karen Arnold and Kelly Howard discuss unlocking careers at UC

Senior Human Resources Partner Karen Arnold and Director of Talent Acquisition and Executive Recruitment Kelly Howard

The 2023 UC Black Administrators’ Council (UCBAC) Summer Webinar Series, features a diverse array of topics for UC colleagues. This Tuesday, join the UCBAC for Career Leap: Unlocking Opportunities at the University of California.

Led by UCOP Senior Human Resources Partner Karen Arnold and Director of Talent Acquisition and Executive Recruitment Kelly Howard, this session will help attendees discover advanced strategies for higher-level positions, influential relationships, and leveraging strengths for impact.

You will explore leadership presence, effective communication, personal growth plans, and advocacy within the UC community. In this session, expect to:

  • Engage in thought-provoking discussions and gain actionable strategies
  • Connect with a supportive community of Black administrators for ongoing professional growth
  • Embark on a transformative journey toward career excellence
  • Prepare for your next move and continue the journey together

Join us

  • What: Career Leap: Unlocking Opportunities at the University of California
  • When: Tuesday, Aug. 15, 12 – 1 p.m. (PT)
  • Where: Online, via Zoom
  • Registration: Register online here

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Identifying How to Collaborate with Neurodivergent Family Members, Students and Staff Who Learn Differently
Tuesday, Aug. 22, 12 – 1 p.m. (PT)

During this session, Behavioral Health Coordinator Christian Jacobs, M.S., L.M.F.T., of Student Mental Health & Well-being at UCOP, will continue his discussion from the UCBAC conference on creating a psychologically safe work/life balance. Up to 20% of employees and students have a neurodivergent condition such as dyslexia, autism, or ADHD. Neurodiversity means that people learn differently based on multiple mental factors — there is no single way for a brain to be typical. These unique skills and abilities can benefit organizations and society at large; however, many families face challenges in parenting or caring for loved ones who are neurodivergent. This webinar will clearly define neurodiversity and provide tips on how to collaborate with neurodivergent family members, students, colleagues and staff of color. The material will also provide tips on how to develop work-inclusive environments in a remote/hybrid world for those who may learn differently.

Leadership Pathways: Honoring Every Journey
Monday, Aug. 28, 12 – 1 p.m. (PT)

In Michelle Obama’s memoir, “Becoming,” she states, “Now I think it’s one of the most useless questions an adult can ask a child – What do you want to be when you grow up? As if growing up is finite. As if at some point you become something and that’s the end.” As Mrs. Obama suggests, career paths often evolve and incorporate planned and unplanned transitions. Members of this dynamic panel will discuss their personal journeys as Black, women and/or first-generation leaders in higher education. They will share their career trajectories and offer leadership principles and practices for career advancement that all colleagues can learn from.

  • Moderator: Raquel Rall, Associate Professor, Higher Education
    UC Riverside; Co-chair, UCBAC, 2023-24
  • Panelist: Adrienne Harrell. Executive Director & Senior Diversity Officer, UC Santa Cruz Foundation & University Relations
  • Panelist: Alece Alderson, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Student Life
    UC San Francisco
  • Panelist: Milmon F. Harrison, Associate Vice Provost, Academic Programs, Undergraduate Education; Associate Professor, Department of African American & African Studies, UC Davis
  • Panelist: Van Williams, Vice President of Information Technology Services and Chief Information Officer, University of California

About the UC Black Administrators’ Council

The UCBAC represents UC’s systemwide effort to increase and support the African American/Black presence on UC campuses, and to improve diversity in student recruitment, faculty retention, curriculum development and administration at the university. Visit the UCBAC website.

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