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Cheers to the newest UCOP Accessibility Champions

The UCOP IT Accessibility Work Group advocates for accessibility, implements web accessibility standards and provides accessibility education and training to UCOP staff. Accessibility Champions are UCOP employees nominated by the work group or any UCOP colleague for their demonstrated commitment to ensuring that UCOP websites and digital content are accessible to people with disabilities.

Congratulations to the following employees!

Nancy Chen Lane is an expert in so many areas that she gets asked to do a lot! Even though Nancy is always working on many projects simultaneously, she’s a tireless advocate for accessibility. She raises accessibility concerns early (when they’re best addressed) and goes out of her way to connect partners with the accessibility resources they need. In recognition of her advocacy and efforts, we’re adding “Accessibility Champion” to the many hats Nancy already wears.

Jeff McElvaney has shown a remarkable ability to quickly learn accessibility best practices and then apply them wherever they’re needed. He has been a fantastic advocate for ensuring accessibility in Systemwide Human Resources documents and projects, and he has proactively sought feedback and guidance in situations where accessibility would not have otherwise been top of mind. In recognition of his dedicated and proactive efforts, we recognize Jeff as an Accessibility Champion.

Jojo Mattox and Kisha Cunningham in Systemwide Human Resources dove headfirst into accessibility by making a 140-page PDF report accessible under a tight deadline. Since then, they have consistently included accessibility in their workflows and have deepened their understanding of how users with disabilities engage with their content. Jojo now specializes in remediating Word docs to ensure they have accessible headings, list structure and alt text. Kisha has taken a particular interest in understanding how screen readers interact with documents and tables. Thank you to these Accessibility Champions!

When the ITS web team identified accessibility issues on a vendor-provided web form, they reached out to Gabby Jung. Gabby outlined needed accessibility revisions and held the vendor accountable for implementing them; then, she partnered with the vendor to apply the updates across other UC forms. Gabby consistently promotes accessibility awareness with her team, and we appreciate knowing that we can count on her. Thank you, Gabby, for being such an Accessibility Champion!

UCOP Accessibility Champions email signature

UCOP Accessibility Champions can be identified by the following email signature badge:Accessibility Champion, University of California

To nominate a colleague who promotes web accessibility, email Judy Thai with their name and a brief explanation of why they are an Accessibility Champion.

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