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New website highlights UC’s impact

Kimberly Farias in her graduation regalia

Kimberly Farias, UC Merced, B.S., political science and psychology, minor, writing studies and community research and service

The University of California is crucial to our state. We enhance lives and drive economic growth through education, research, health care and agricultural expertise.

A new UC website captures the impact and value the University of California delivers to the state and its people, bringing together data and compelling storytelling to showcase the incredible breadth of contributions that UC makes across eight sectors: economics, education, affordability, college access, health care, research, climate change and public service.

Highlights include:

  • UC’s role as a springboard for the upward mobility of tens of thousands of California college students each year, including first-generation students, those from low-income families and California Community College transfer students

  • The university’s high graduation rates, and graduates’ significant contributions to California’s highly skilled workforce — from doctors to teachers to engineers, entrepreneurs, civic leaders and more

  • UC Health’s impact on training medical students, leading groundbreaking clinical trials and bringing medical care to underserved Californians

Explore UC’s contributions at



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