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Join the July 2024 LinkedIn Learning challenge: Productivity pointers

Use this challenge to help you kick any bad habits that may be holding you back.

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Become an expert at goal-setting with LinkedIn Learning

Guide your process of setting goals and objectives for the 2024-2025 performance year with short, targeted videos.

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LinkedIn Learning Challenge: Top 10 in-demand skills

Learn the skills you need to continue developing your career by watching these short video courses.

Get advice and training for planning your career path

Taking the time to identify your passions and set professional goals can give you a clear vision for the future and help you move forward on your career path.

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LinkedIn Learning Challenge: Say Hello to Hybrid

Honing the skills needed to navigate the new world of work has never been more important.

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LinkedIn Learning challenge: Relationships matter

Learn how to strengthen your connection with others by participating in UCOP Learning & Development's February LinkedIn Learning challenge.

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LinkedIn Learning challenge: New Year Learner

Learn to set meaningful goals and build productive habits in less than 10 minutes each day with this month’s learning challenge.

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Be more productive with the September LinkedIn Learning Challenge

From September 12 – 30, follow along with our learning calendar and start kicking the habits that are holding you back.

LinkedIn Learning challenge: Maximize your energy

The latest monthly challenge will help you to learn to masterfully manage your energy.